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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship to Canada?

So you live in Canada Eh? We’ve got you covered. While we do ship to Canada it may take an additional week or two for your products to arrive. We are happy to provide a shipping quote before you purchase from our site. The Acme Tough Boxes specifically can take a little while based on the size of the box we use to ship.

What material are the Acmemoto Tough Boxes made with?

We designed our Acme Tough Boxes to be as durable as humanly possible in order to stand up to the harsh environment of the road. The material used in the construction is a Polypropylene Copolymer or PPC. The specific PPC blend used during construction of our boxes is an impact-resisant PPC that is damn near indestructible.

Check out this clip from one of our satisfied customers:

How does the universal mounting hardware attach to the bikes rack?

We’ve designed our mounting hardware to work with almost any motorcycle rack system on the market today. Most racks are made from tubular steel or aluminum and the tubing is 18mm. Some racks use 16mm and a small group of them use 19mm as well as square tubing. 

Do you offer a crash warranty?

We stand behind our products and want you to trust in their durability and functionality for years to come. If you have any issues with a set of Acme Tough Boxes, mounting hardware or any other products we sell, we welcome your feedback. If you manage to break these boxes (unintentionally) we’re anxious to hear the story. We’re happy to either send you replacement parts to install yourself or have you ship the product back to be repaired at no cost (other than shipping charges).

We’ve personally used and abused these boxes year after year, in an effort to find their breaking point. Hundreds of gnarly trail drops on rocks, logs, creeks, you name it we’ve fallen on it. If you’re interested in hearing any crash stories from our staff or customers, just reach out and we’d be happy to chat.

Where are our products made?

We assemble, cut, sew, tighten and inspect all of our products just outside of Asheville, NC.