Large 3 Keister Fleece


Premium 1 inch finished curly wool acts as comfortable padding and helps with monkey butt, the dreaded burn at the end of many miles on a hot day. Waterproof, comfy, rugged, and non-skid backing.

  • The wool is long lasting, will last for years
  • We only use premium 1″ Curly sheepskins that are hand-cut and trimmed to be the best quality pad
  • Our “non-skid” backing keeps the keister fleece in place when you shift from one cheek to the other- no more bunching up and it will not fly up when you stand up.
  • It stays clean with an occasional shake out.
  • We fit two heavy-duty elastic straps designed for outdoor use on each seat pad. Riders who stand a lot will appreciate the sheepskin staying in place when you stand up for off road riding.
  • Our heavy duty elastic straps attach to the seat pad with a clip style tensioner that makes it easy to remove the pad.
  • The wool and the dye is waterproof.

Keep your ride comfortable and safe. The better you feel, the better you ride. If you're focused on butt burn, your not happy and if your not happy your not a good rider. So, take care of your butt and it will take care of you.

Custom Designs-Made to order

If you have a seat that needs special attention, take a piece of paper like a page from a newspaper and put the crease in the middle of the seat. Draw a design on one side then cut it out so both sides match. Send it us and we will custom make a pad for you.